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ISBN: 978-3-86568-309-0 Kategorien: ,
Untertitel Malbork Castle and Town
Autor Christofer Herrmann
Umfang 16,5 x 24 cm, 32 Seiten, 90 Farbabb.
Ausstattung geheftet
Sprache englisch
ISBN 978-3-86568-309-0
Erschienen 24.07.2014

Malbork (Marienburg) Castle and Town

Christofer Herrmann

The Marienburg is one of the largest and most famous castles of the Middle Ages in Europe. It was a Christian place of pilgrimage, grand master residence of the Teutonic Order, later the Polish Starost’s seat and royal secondary residence, Prussian barracks, the birthplace of monument preservation in Prussia and is one of the largest tourist attractions in Poland. The history of Marienburg is a reflection of the changeful German-Polish history and one of the greatest monuments of the common cultural heritage of both peoples. The guide describes the history of the castle and all building complexes (high castle, middle castle, outer bailey) as well as the most important monuments of the old town.

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