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ISBN: 978-3-7319-0666-7 Kategorien: , ,
Untertitel Photography
Fotograf / Autor Peter Voss
Umfang 29 x 37 cm, 280 Seiten, 153 Farbabbildungen
Ausstattung Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag
Sprache deutsch / englisch
ISBN 978-3-7319-0666-7
Erschienen 12.12.2018

Blick ins Buch:


Ethiopia, which is three times the size of Germany, is located in the Horn of Africa and has a long history of ethnic diversity, which makes it the cradle of humanity. An early religious center of Christian faith, the world famous Lalibela eleven churches carved out of the rock make it a landmark that can be described as the eighth wonder of the world. Like the old imperial city of Gondar and the impressive Simien mountains, they are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also the Gheralta mountains with their rock churches, the salt desert in the Danakil valley, the Erta Ale volcano and the most colorful landscapes of the earth in the Dallol are worth a visit! However, the highlight of an Ethiopian trip is the Omo Valley, where a great number of indigenous peoples await visitors as well as in the Mago National Park. The internationally acclaimed photographer Peter Voss traveled this enchanting land several times and shows with his ninth large-format illustrated book country and people from its most beautiful side.

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